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May 5, 2009
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Hello everyone

I'm just starting out with bees in Scotland. By brood box is looking like it's ready for a super, but I have a couple of queries:

As part of my start up kit (from a local beekeeper) I have 2 supers, one with frames with drawn foundation and wide metal spacers, the other I have made up new self-spacing frames with fresh foundation. So, can I mix the self spacers with the metal spacers or would it be better to keep them in separate supers? If the latter, should I put the 9 frame, wide spaced, drawn comb super on first, or go for the one with 12 frames of undrawn foundation?

I hope that makes sense. Apologies if not, and apologies if I have the terminology wrong.
I am by no means an expert but I would be very wary of using drawn comb I didnt know the history of.
If the drawn comb came from the fella that you got your bees off there shouldnt be a problem. I would go for the drawn out comb first then when they are busy filling that put the foundation underneath that one.
Thanks for the replies.

Yes, the drawn comb is from the same guy as I got the bees (local, well respected etc).

Put the fresh under the drawn later? Wouldn't have thought to do that.

Many thanks

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