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Cole lynch

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Jun 23, 2020
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Hi Folks
I’m gifting my buddy a nuc on standard DN4 frames from my national hives.
What’s the best way to transfer the frames?
Are Langstroth frames big enough to just cable tie or screw the DN4 frames inside the Langstroth?
You could simply run a knife around the national frames then strap/band the comb into a lang frame. Lang width is wider but depth is similar. Alternatively take a lang box put a sheet of ply on top go a little over size, then a nuc body on top. Cut a hole that corresponds with the nuc box internal dimensions. Obviously assuming you have a nuc with removable floor! It will then sit on the ply. Early in the season bees will expand up. At this point in the year I’d put the queen up with a couple of drawn combs and thin plastic or metal excluder between the boxes. You may even want to use a couple of frames with sealed brood strapped in to really get them up.
I went from Smith to Langstroth, as a short solution, a Smith frame does fit inside a Langstroth frame without a bottom bar. I had to do that as the swarm I got was in late April and we got snow the next day, so couldn't really do much until it warmed up. I don't recommend doing that for long as you have the added space at the side of the frames (between the Lang and the Smith). I agree with Ian123, cut out the comb and place in the new frame, securing with elastic bands.

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