National Bee Unit - End of Year Report 2011

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Perhaps if we all emailed Jenna? :)
So do we think the increase in detected AFB and EFB cases is because these diseases are more common or is it because the NBU are getting better at finding them?

In other words, should we be worried?

The EOY report does not offer an opinion.
received no notification :( feeling left out
I worked for MAFF as a Consultant sorting out their Y2K problems at the end of the last Millennium - that was a real eye opener. Getting a few additional emails would count as a bit of a result back then - drinking sessions in Breweries springs to mind. (Drove past the old offices the other day - it's now a housing estate...).

I got at least four...

Still nothing for me. But we did get a regional summary (Western) RBI about 2 weeks ago.

Rooftops, does it show increase in total cases or increase in percentage of colonies infected? Could the answer be simply they've looked at more so therefore found more?

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