My wifes listing keeps geting removed from facebook market...

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It might have been better if Zuckerberg's facebook original had remained defunct after it was removed from Havard university for violating and hacking into there security system trampling over the rights of all and sundry – but hey what's changed ?
Facebook is the spawn of the devil..

However, the regulations relating to jar sizes disappeared many years ago so whoever is complaining is wrong in that regard and many years out of date. Check the jarring regulations though if you are unsure as there are definite requirements there whether you sell on the devil's site or elesewhere.
Some automatic process has shut me out of Facebook because I have the same name as a linguist man who has travelled much in the Middle East and is in . Facebook's algorithms don't seem to realize that I am not trying to hack his account but I merely have the same name as him.
My real name is Diane Abbott which is why I use a psudonym here. :) :) :LOL:
Facebook is the spawn of the devil..

Could not agree more. I always say its Joseph Goebbels wet dream.

I have hated it form its inception and foresaw all the negtive aspects it would bring. I have never had my own account, thats why the listing was on my wife's account.
Kudos to you for steering clear of it from the start! Wondering if anyone else here has faced similar issues? On a side note, have you guys tried using any social post scheduling tools? They might help navigate some of these bumps in the digital road.
Last post is over three years old so issue is probably sorted?
I suppose it lets you post the same ad in one hit over all your social media platforms
I presumed these sort of bots were used to generate traffic to the forum? It is quite obvious a bot revived the "Swarm catching devices and extendable poles" thread generating two pages of content and associated ad revenue. I see no other point to it.

I am 75% sure MeAndMyBees is a BIBBA created bot directed to use YouTube videos as it's point of reference. Okay I made the BIBBA bit up.