Methods to reduce swarming

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It should make us reconsider a practice, the introduction of queens and the persistence of eliminating the replacement impulse.
Lot of drone culling and frame fiddling, and an insistence that one BB (admittedly, Langstroth) is sufficient space for a queen, and enough not to increase swarming.

A single-storey brood nest provides comb room for the queen to lay 1.800 eggs per day. The satisfactory performance of colonies with single brood chambers is practical proof of the soundness of the theory that comb space for 1,800 eggs per day is sufficient. The absence of honey, excess pollen, and idle field bees from a single-.storey brood nest provides ample space.

How is the beekeeper supposed to clear the single BB of honey, pollen and idle field bees? Practical impossibilty without excessive fiddling.
Printing year 1969. NZ uses Italian bees and UK black bees.
Yes, I think you are correct.
I think they generally also use Langstroth full depth 10 frame boxes, which are around 41 litres volume in each, and giving them the 82 litres made no difference (plus as I read it, giving them honey boxes above the excluders).

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