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Mar 16, 2009
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Shropshire, UK
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Heard this one on Planet Rock - I have DAB radio on my Hi Fi and got one for the car for Christmas - brill. It was on the Rick Wakeman show.
Anyway this is it as best as I can remember

The Lone Ranger is captured by hostile indians and he is taken back to the village where he is taken before the chief
The chief says
" Ah the famous Lone Ranger. At the moment we are celebrating and having a feast but at the end of that in 3 days time you will die. However as you are the great Lone Ranger I will grant you 3 wishes before you die. So Lone Ranger, what is your first wish?"
The Lone Ranger thinks for a bit and then says that his first wish is that he be allowed to speak to his horse.
So Silver, the horse, is brought forward to him and Lone Ranger whispers into his ear.
At this Silver turns round and gallops off over the horizon. Later that evening everyone is astounded to hear the galloping of hooves and Silver returns, bearing on his back a beautiful blonde. She dismounts and goes into the tent where the Lone Ranger is kept and she spends the whole night with him.

In the morning the chief comes and says
"Lone Ranger, you are a man of many talents. However in two days time you will die. What is your second wish?"
The Lone Ranger asks again that he speak to his horse. Silver is again brought forward, the Lone Ranger whispers into his ear, Silver once again gallops off.
That evening Silver returns and this time he bears on his back a voluptuous brunette who dismounts, goes to the Lone Ranger's tent and spends the night there.
The following morning the chief comes and says
"Lone Ranger, you are indeed a great man. However tomorrow you die. What is your final wish?"
At this the Lone Ranger asks that he be allowed to speak to Silver in private.
The chief thinks about this for a while but as the Lone Ranger is such a great man he agrees.
So Silver is taken into the Lone Ranger's tent.
Once they are alone the Lone Rangers says
"Now listen very very carefully and do exactly what I tell you to do,
Go and get...........