I've been checking my hives all wrong!

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Many years ago (early 1960s I think) I watched a worcestershire beefarmer with 400 hives sort out which hives to take to fruit farms in the Evesham valley . He got most of his money from providing hives for pollination and would only get paid for queen right colonies (the fruit farmers have the right in the contracts to have them inspected) since queenless bees collect less pollen. He would sharply tap on each hive (often he just kicked them) and listen for the response and if he got the queenless roar he wouldn't take those. He opened up a few of these to show us (I was one of a group from Stourbridge BKA ) and sure enough they didn't have any brood.
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So beekeeping kit now includes a pair of steel toecapped boots for kicking the hive and a pair of trainers to change into to run like hell if they are a bit on the testy side after the kick, Apparently olympic sprinters are including this in their training routines and beekeepers are getting fitter as a bonus.
Damn! so my grandfather was right after all. "Researchers have found that bees react in unison to soft vibrations on their hives with “positive” buzzing noises."

Positiv = reaction exists

Negative = no wanted reaction
“A gentle tap, causing a tiny, but measurable reaction, will reveal whether the animal is in its normal state or not.”

No excrement Sherlock.

A waste of funding...

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