Is imported honey tested ?

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Jul 28, 2008
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I understand that a few years back supermarket honey was checked by trading standards and many shops failed a test on own label imported honey because of the amount of sucrose that was found in the product.

It was said at the time that Chinese honey contained very high levels because the bees had been fed very large amounts of syrup to produce honey in a short time due to the lack of forage available.

Is imported honey still tested ?
It surely is. That is why you have food stuff officiers control both own producst and foreign products. Resellers have responsibility to stay inside quality orders. They fight for their own incomes. EU makes control works too and give licences to import.

China is the largest honey importer in the world. It sets the iternational price level to honey.

Some troubles exist.
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The Chinese honey was banned because it contained levels of antibiotic,not allowed in this country.