Ignoring Apiguard - shal I remove?

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Dec 31, 2008
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Shropshire, uk
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My 2 hives seem to be ignoring the stuff! One pack has been in each hive for 2 and 3 weeks respectively and about 50% removed. it has been warm and I can smell it!

There has been a varroa drop in one but the other hive has a floor attatched (came insitu) and I am anxious to get an omf on asap. Now the weather is cooling down shall call it a day do you think?

Many thanks - Floss
Just follow the instructions on the pack, you should put a second tray in after two weeks as the first tray will have no impact on varroa in sealed brood. Assuming you follow the instructions it will work. Trust it.

The stuff you can smell is almost certainly ivy nectar being brought in by the bees, not the Apiguard.
It is sublimation, i.e it turns from a solid/gell to a gas/vapour without the middle stage of becoming a liquid. Like heating ice from a solid to steam it has to become a liquid first (but there are anomalies to that)

Just ignore its state and add the second one after 2 weeks.


I had feed on with my bees over the first two weeks and some trays had less in than others, but mainly all gone. They have just started on the second tray
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Do you have a feed on as well ?

They will often ignore it if you add a feed at the same time.

Put on the Apiguard a few days before feeding to get them working it.

You could always remove the feed for a few days if you want to get them more interested,but as Fridbee says they dont aways eat it.
Thats really helpful - tx.

Yes admin, I am feeding but i put the Api on first.
I'll put 2nd one on tonight.

BTW just found cane sugar at netto for 69p!
I'm currently on my second tray at the moment and it's proving really effective. (I wasn't aware that I could feed at the same time as the treatment...!) My question though, is, an odd one: the chap cutting the huge hedge in front of the hives can only come during the api treatment and he will only do so with the bees plugged up! Any risk to the bees for one day?
only do so with the bees plugged up

No problem as long as there is adequate ventilation. Get him there early and if he finishes early enough, they can get on with foraging. Close up with a mesh?

Regards, RAB
Have a mesh base which has a slide-in monitor board at the moment but might remove it for the day. Thanks for the advice
Should be no problem as long as there is a mesh floor in you can close the entrance with sponge. I did this while someone painted the front of our house as he was using an oil based paint the smell was quite strong and he didnt fancy his chances lol :cheers2:

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