I May Be Gone For A While. . . . .

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Nov 8, 2008
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Nr Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.
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My computer is seriously ill and has to go for an operation :ack2:

The "man" is coming to look at it tonight - but he thinks the hard drive is struggling and dying - this sounds expensively like a new computer to me.

So the upshot of it is, I may be gone for a while. I might be able to sneak in on my son's computer but blood and stones creep into my mind :rofl:.

I've left it switched on for today so he can come in and backup all my stuff (cos I don't know how to do it:confused:)

Anyway I hope to catch up with you all soon

Will miss you. Hope it gets fixed soon. My laptop has died too.
Oh no!
Well, dont be gone too long, and try and get on when you can - we'll miss you!
Thats bad!

You are a good member.

Hope to see you when back online..
Your icon is green, that means you are still with us Frisbee!:) Good news.

One of my children has let me on her computer.
Coooeeee I'm back.

Complete with a new hard drive . . . . and bless him he managed to back up all my stuff before it died completely.

I managed to get on every day on my son's though so i've kept up with everything :)
Nice to hear that you have your own comp back Frisbee.

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