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Jul 28, 2008
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We are 2 years old today !!

A massive thanks to everyone who has given up their time to join the forum/posted to help other beekeepers and made the forum such a success.

You have all made it so worthwhile,give yourself a pat on the back.

Thank you
Whhoo Hooo party time!!!!

You have done a brilliant job admin. Certainly the forum is thriving!!! I saw the birthday sticker too. Cool.
Happy Birthday to the Forum

As the forum is 2 today I for one would like to thank Admin and helpers!!! for getting this off the ground and its continued success.
Grats Mark

By far the best forums on bee keeping.
Thanks Mark,
The site has been a great help to me, as I am sure it has to a lot of people.

Many Happy Returns
Congrats to Mark and Co, Probably my favorite forum, full of advice, and pleasant banter.
I also agree

I found this forum over a year and a half ago and it was the friendy and welcoming members, and their patience in me asking all those stupid questions that convinced me to take the plunge.... and have not looked back since.

I can honestly say if I hadn't of found the forum, I probably would not have kept bees... thanks Mark! :cheers2:
Many congratulations - not just to Mark & Co :hurray:, but also to the many active and informative experienced beeks who take the time and trouble to offer their advice to newbeeks like me.

Your time and efforts are genuinely appreciated, and I think I can safely say that without you all, I could never have reached this advanced stage of confusion (if not senility) so quickly!!:)
Many thanks and congratulations ! My wife calls it 'bee porn' because I enjoy it so much !
A big diolch from west wales
Happy Birthday from Cornwall. Great forum, brilliant info:.) Thanks all.
On behalf of the "overseas" membership happy birthday and thanks Markbee-smillie
Happy birthday. May there be many more. This site is becoming encyclopediac.
I would like to add to the good wishes, the way in which this forum operates makes it by far the best one out there.
Many happy returns from me and two hives of bees

Warts & co.

(I suspect they'd be especially grateful if they knew useful help I had got from this site as I am not too convinced I could have done it with just a beginners course under my belt and a handful of books)
Gratz Mark This forum is the best. :party::xmas-smiley-024:
Happy birthday :p

I love this site. It has been extremely helpful to me and all my daft questions have been answered with patience. It really is the best place to come for advice about keeping bees, whether you are a beginner or an experienced beek. Thank you admin. X