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  • unless i am very much mistaken Q1 was the picture of a cast iron item which said "heather honey press" on it!!!
    Hi Kazmcc, Its a little while since l saw your pics everything looks good. I hope everything is going well for you. l,m a new comm er to beekeeping myself with two small hives and a nuc. The nuc i,m a little worried about because its small and l don,t think its strong enough to get trough the winter and this is my first winter. l think if the two hives make it through l,ll be happy enough.
    Enjoyed your photos and the best of luck with your bee projest.
    Liam C
    Hi Karen not seen you at last meeting did you know not on till Sept thanks for supporting the beehive lodge get as many friends as you can to join are going to the carnival at w/e if so call in my No is 078976231744
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