How to take off honey upers?

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Jun 21, 2009
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My ladies have been very busy this year (first year) and I have two almost full suppers.

I know how to empty the supers of bees by the use of the crown board and bee escapes but my question relates to the number of bees. If I have all the bees migrate down into the brood box the there will simply be no room for them all.

What do other keepers do? I have no spare supers at present but will buy more if needed.

Thanks for any advice.
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Take one off. Spin out the honey and put it back on? Then do the other one.

Keep smoke away when clearing bees, or at least removing the super. It may taint the honey. Brushing bees off the frames can be a nuisance. A clearing fluid is an option to shift them quickly.

Regards, RAB
As oliver90owner said one at a time.:)

I tryed Brushing bees off the frames this week and found no problems.
But you need another empty super to do that.
Thanks guys, I'll try the extracting of one at a time.

Appreciate the advice.
i place one maybe two empty supers with frames on under the clearing broad, and have the full supers on top, i leave them about 2 days and then collect the supers in the afternoon when they are less likely to follow to the car or house.but make sure the roof is on fully or they will rob their own honey.
Removed 3 supers today used a goose feather to brush the bees off the frames no problems at all. Had a spare super brushed bees off then placed beeless frame into empty super. :cheers2:

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