How is the weather effecting your bees?

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Jun 25, 2009
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Derry, Northern Ireland
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I was wondering how you keepers are finding the good weather we are having so far this summer is influencing the amount of honey being produced in your hives?

The last two summers were very wet so how did thes effect your colonies and the amount of honey you were able to harvest?
Seems to be building gently down in Sussex. Not rushed off my feet- but bees fine. Hanging out all night too- but no partying.

and.... hot night -open windows and doors, low lamp light on in lounge- bee hives beyond door-oops:ack2:- return to lounge- bees buzzing round light - next hour gently scooping up bees with hot feet from carpet-- all saved:cheers2:
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Still a heavy flow where I am. Bees coating front of hive but happily working in supers. I'm quite surprised how much nectar seems to be ending up in the broodnests. Spring sown rape appears to be finishing. Never had spring sown rape before. It appears to have a much shorter flowering period than the winter sown stuff. Will find out today what the bees did with it..

If we get an inch or two of rain it could be a very good year....
anyone else seeing large amounts of water in the frames?
Well there you go... put a National Deep of foundation on a hive and they've drawn 9 frames and stuffed them full of nectar in less than 5 days...

Lummie ... one hell of a flow this year.
Good flow on at the moment with clover and lime being worked.

Noticed the tell-tale signs of balsam being worked for the first time yesterday.

Need some rain to keep the flow going.

Bees are hanging down at the front of the hives overnight and an army of fanners on the landing boards.

As someone posted earler it could be a good season if the conditions are right over the next 2-3 weeks.


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