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May 12, 2009
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North Wilts
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Hi Guys

A few weeks ago I increased the size of the holes in my wasp traps. I have been catching what may be Hornets (??)

A few days ago one flew near the front of the hive and after a fight with a few bees, righted itself and flew off clutching a bee.

I have been looking on the Internet looking at pictures of Hornets. All the pics I have found of Hornets have yellow faces. The ones I am collecting have dark orange faces.

are these hornets or something else??

I had plenty of drowned specimens before my traps blew away (stupid weather!), but have been catching two or three a day.

I'll try and get a picture if it helps...

No wonder the bees are in a bad mood!

Hornets are twice the size of wasps and like wasps come in a variety of stripes, I'm surprised at the difference with the stripes on the wasps. The thing that struck me most noticeably about hornets is the yellow of their legs. keep on trapping :cheers2:

Yes i agree we need to see :)
I help them see the errors of their ways (try saying it with a slightly evagelistic tone)

a.k.a The b**gers still drown!

If I got as much honey out of the supers as I have wasps out the traps I'd be happy
If you take a look on my website there are a few identification photos and some video of hornets, unfortunatley my video camera has busted otherwise i would take a detailed video for you guys, note to person that wanted me to video how to make box joints (as soon as i have a new camcorder)

Link to site is: http://www.hampshire-waspcontrol.co.uk

If the thread starter has that many wasps in a hive, the nest is REALLY close, find it and kill it...
Few more hornet pictures,one disecting one of my bee's in the cedar tree.Do the one's you see look anything like these.
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Hornets - Vespa crabo

It is Vespa crabro - the European hornet. A distant relative of our Vespa orientalis, which believe me is a real threat. A photo of V. orientalis is attached. One way of dealing with them and wasps is to cover a board of about 2 foot square with rodent glue - place some bait (jam at this time of the year) in the middle of the board and you will catch hundreds of them.
Best regards
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The Asian hornet that has arrived here and is advancing northwards is predominantly black with the last 3 segments of the abdomen being yellow. The most obvious difference is the Asian is totally silent in flight.
tried to take a photo near a next, but they took objection.. the buggers chased me up the stable yard.

was going to take a photo of one that I had caught in the wasp trap but they are covered in moth mush (not really plagued with wasps like eveyone else... just catch hundreds of moths!!)

yellow and black striped abdomen, orange face and orange thorax... very grumpy!!

Tried using a can of wasp killer, but once the foam went away, they were acting as if nothing had happened. Other than traps, anyone got any good ways of getting rid of them???
I can't use fire because of where the nest is.
try surgical spirit or parafin

extinguish fags, pipes & cigars first though

extinguish ALL three!?!! :svengo:

:)...even if I did smoke, we have a no smoking policy at the farm anyway... far to much hay about!
Over here they make an aerosol especially for hornets, it projects a jet of insecticide 5 metres and is powerful enough to completely destroy the nest and all in it. I have not been attacked when using it but wear a double bee suit just in case:) Ask around there may be something similar available in the UK.
:cheers2: Mike
Hi all. Next to my hive is my greenhouse and in my greenhouse is a grape vine that is buldging with juicy grapes. Now that is all great except I have seen so far five hornets in there and they keep appearing. Do you experts out there think they are just popping in for a munch on the grapes and then buggering off or do you think I may have a nest? I have had a look round and can't see a nest but the vine is very overgrown. I lit my smoker earlier and smoked a couple out but I am not really sure what to do for the best. All advice welcome.
They will be after the grapes:( If you have a single grape in any bunch that has gone off the hornets will find it and once the whole lot are ripe they will be there in force. Keep the door and windows shut providing it doesn't get too hot.
:cheers2: Mike
or tkw4 you can get fly mesh to put over the windows and doors of your greenhouse stops the little blighters:)
I found that a wasp trap with ribena and cider in it is very attractive to hornets - loads caught in the last 2 days.
Thanks for the advice. If I cut off their current source of food they wont decided to go after bee's will they (bees are right next to the greenhouse)? I treated with Apiguard at the weekend and there are a lot more bees hanging around the outside of the hive now. I presume they don't like the smell?

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