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I put in the blurb on the back of the jar that it's local honey made by bees foraging in the local fields and hedgerows.
Perhaps I can call it hedgerow honey with a small h 😉

In theroy, you can't,
Our trademark is both higher & lower case letters.
Would Hedgerow Honey have to pay his own legal fees? If so, and if significant, he may abandon enforcement.

All will be stopped, but need to win the lottery first.

It's next on the list though, now that the forensic accountant is dealing with the ex.

I very nearly did give up, but now glad that I didn't.

[B][SIZE=4]Aneebe[/SIZE][/B] said:-

>>>Unless the nice people in this word stand up to the "Karens" of this world, society ain't going to get any better.<<<

This is very true. If they get away with it once, they will 'rinse & repeat' whenever they get a chance; each time being more demanding and more obnoxious.

Over the years I have come up against a number of these self-entitled bullies. My solution is to grin, smile and say "Fine! Take me to Court! Please. Take me to Court. Go on."

Make sure you keep smiling and grinning while you say it! Even laugh at them.

It has worked for me every time. You are calling their bluff, plus being encouraged by you to take action against you indicates to them that you are very confident. Remember, nobody in their right mind is going to even consider taking you to Court in this particular matter.

Of course you have to be reasonably certain that you are 'in the right' to begin with, but that has already been confirmed here earlier.

Bullies are simply cowards with an overdeveloped ego. Stand up to them and they will crumble.

These obnoxious entitled bullies need a short, sharp lesson to stop them making life miserable for everybody they come into contact with.

I forget who said "Aggression is the best form of defence"

Malcolm B.
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I'd not stress about it or get angry, but just carry on as you were with the same name.
You probably won't hear any more about it, and if you do, suggest he uses up his current batch of labels and then changes the name.

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