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honey extractor

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Looks cheap enough at the moment but with 5 bidders so far, it will probably rise a fair bit more. It looks like a robust piece of kit for someone with just a few hives. The tank looks much more sturdy than that on my Italian made spinner from Thorne. Down-side it is tangential only. It may even take a 14 x 12 size frame.

Regards, RAB
I always think it's suspicious when a seller is selling something for somebody else.......in this case the parents, but no-one knows any details about the item, I don't know why people just can't be honest, the stuff will still sell without a cock and bull story.

evening all several points £80 and four days to go this will easy go to £120+

as for the parents bit i was robbed of all my hives from someone who was selling his late grandfathers bee hive, so sorry but unless its yours i dont belive its cosha
Note the vendor is unsure if it takes deeps or not. I have asked them to check.