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Aug 19, 2009
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Hull East Riding of Yorkshire
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Just a quick post to say hello to everyone, I'm Sue from East Yorkshire and I'm hoping to learn about beekeeping so I can get a hive next spring. Looking forward to getting to know you and reading your posts.

HI Sue...welcome aboard...you have come to the right place..dont be afraid to ask questions as they will be answered in a civil manner....read all the books you can get your hands on this winter and bee ready for your new hobby...
congrat, doing exactly what I did last year, autumn is the best time to start thinking about keeping bees and the local BKA's start monthly meetings soon too, suggest you do a face to face (bee) taster at some point too - this can be the point some people decide its not for them
Hi Sue,

Welcome aboard. Jimbeekeeper is possibly near you although Yorkshire is a big enough place to divide up so E.Yorkshire must be a few miles wide!

He may well be off-list for a couple of weeks, but has more than one type of hive,...... or will have shortly.

This is definitely a good place to learn some things. Other alternatives will be books, of course, and your local beekeeping association, club, group, or whatever they call themselves.

Remember any information here is free and may be worth that amount exactly. You will certainly often get more than one answer to a question. Some may be wrong (or at least not completely right) and some will insist their answer is the only way of doing it right, but usually there are alternative ways of achieving the final goal.

You will not be alone. There are quite a lot on here with only this season or just a couple years experience. I have not been on the forum long but have already picked up a whole list of useful tips.

As advised above, book on a course. Practical hands-on learning is worth far more than we can initially offer here. There may well be a waiting list, so book early. The other very useful teaching aid is a mentor. Again they may be stretched for next year what with this large influx of potential new beekeepers, so find one as soon as possible. 'Next' season starts shortly (for beginners!!).

Regards, RAB
:party:Hi sue welcome.
Hi Sue

This is the best place to bee, tons of great info and friendly too. I've learned lots here.

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