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Hi Frisbee welcome to the forum.

I also have a few other hobbies and look forward to shareing them with everyone.

Welcome aboard.
Hello 2

I am a beginner too. This is only my second Winter. I have got a student though... poor him!
Hi Polyanwood.

This year was my first as well!

I have ended up with hives into double figures going into the winter.

I joined my local BBKA group early on and managed to bag me a young lady who helped me through my first season,she even gave me my first bees from a split.

Welcome to the forum...
Hi I'm an English Beek exiled in Sweden,

got recruited by Frisbee from the Poultrykeeper Forum I've been avoiding the BBKA forum for quite a while now
Hi Random welcome aboard.
I hope we can live up to the type of forum you are happy with.
Hello from Me too!

Newbie here!

First year this year - had a very steep learning curve!!! Got 5 hives, hoping they make it through the winter.....
Hi All
Yup im another one at the end of my first season, only got 3 hives that are populated, and like others, hope they all get through winter.

I am surprised at just how many of us have had bees for 3 years or less, that can only be a good thing as we will learn together.

Will be sticking some pics in my album so people can see who they are chatting with, why not do the same.. doesnt just have to be images of you, could be your bees/hives/family etc etc.
Hello All

I am in East Yorkshire.

Just into my third year of keeping bees.

Loads of other intresting hobbys ranging like Landrovers ( ;) ) , shooting, cider making, etc.

Hi all

What a great site, joined forum lastnight had a link on a forum that I use for my poultry!

Only had our hive since July and have plenty of questions to ask as we (hubby) do not know what we are meant to do with hive for winter etc

We are in Cheshire/Manchester

Jules and Bert
Hi and Welcome

Was it the Pratical Poultry forum?
Yep that's the one Practical Poultry
:cheers2: That me who posted the link:patriot:

Note to Admin, I take paypal for the commssion you can pay me for recruiting new members:sifone:

No chance Enzyme I am already paying new members £30 to join ;)

p.s Hi Jules welcome to the forum.
hello Jules

Welcome to the forum!

Dont be shy, ask ANY questions, I ask things all the time!
Hi I am VEG this is my first year keeping bees and am loolking forward to expanding next year only got one hive at the moment but that will go up to hopefully 5/6 next year. I am also on another well known bee forum under the same name.

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