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Queen Bee
Dec 14, 2008
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East Yorkshire
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Hi just seen the google street car mounted camera in my local tescos. I waved at it and hope I get on goolge steet maps.
I was outside my house loading the trailer with bee stuff last week when it came by.

I cant wait to see it.

Been told it takes around 6 months to go live.
I got about six emails when it first launched to say that people had seen my wee bedford rascal outside my house... had a look, quite weird really.
I understand that a few ladies have seen there husbands car outside the wrong house :ack2:
would that be a dark green land rover.
We are very small minded, we are no better than open farm animals - we a hurtling towards total govermental control, all we need now is to be killed off when we get sick. If we are not fit to work and pay hugh taxes the government dose'nt want us. Its only a matter of time until the sick and weak get culled.

Sad but true!

Busy Bee
It's already happening Busy Bee.... They have cunningly disguised their operation as the NHS :)
At least many members on this forum are clever enough to see what the goverment are doing regards total control,beekeeping is a fine example.

More than can be said of some other forums ;)
I waved at the Street View car when it drove past my house back in August. When it launched, I took a look and sure enough I'm there waving at the camera! :D