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Nov 10, 2008
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Maesteg South Wales
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As in the title its on May 9th.
I am interested in going to this anyone been to it before?
Not yet, unfortunately it clashes with a Bristol Apiary day which I think should probably take priority at this stage otherwise I'd have pottered along and maybe offered you a pint :cheers2: :)
I missed it last year as it was the day after I first started. Heard it was quite good with a few bargains to be had. I would imagine maismore aipiaries will be there as its just round the corner from them. I will be going but ubless she who must be obeyed is in a very good mood and has a sudden fit of generosity i wont be buying anything.

Yes its on
May 9th at Hartpury College
Auction atsrts mid day
Guest speaker- Mathilde Briens
General enquires Rolf Ellis tel 01242571175
Sellers contact Bernie Davies 01594 825063

It is advertised on their website and in beecraft
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Well i will be going to this auction armed with my chequebook.
Asked my dad (70 years old) if wanted to come he couldnt say yes quick enough. He has become very interested since he helped me hive my nucs. Will have to make sure he dont start bidding against me. :cheers2:
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That bought a smile to my face Veg,my father who is a little older than your's also helps me out with the bee's,he likes to clean up frames ect in the garage and sit in the evening viewing the bee's coming and going into the hives.

It's great to spend quality time with him,dont waste it,and don't forget to tell him you care xx
Funny isn't it. My Dad's secretly a lot more interested in this than he cares to let on, I think he just wants me to get on with it and enjoy it while it's new for the time being. I'm getting him a suit for his birthday though so he can get closer on inspections and see what I'm doing/help out.
My old man ( 78 ) is chief "Frame Elf" as I was seriously remiss in the woodwork department this winter -- Also, gave him the pollen recognition book and, like a medical textbook, my bees are supposed to becollecting pollen from every possible plant available :)
However, when trying to find a shy queen he was convinced he saw her and quickly marked her.....I now have a hive with a marked queen and a marked "mini-me " !!
Lol mini me. My old man was like there she is no there she is. Me no dad they are the drones. But the old git did spot the real queen before me :)
Had a great day at the auction bought myself some stainless steel goodies. All lots sold today but people said there were not as many as last year. The nucs on sale were inspected by the rbi before sale and a report read out on his findings before the sale of each. Prices of nucs went from £80-£130.
Yep I enjoyed it as well even though the cheque book was under lock and key.

Having Maizmore there meant that most people were quickly armed with a catalogue so i dont think much was sold at too much over a sensible price.

Was the stainless steel item you bought the extracter veg?

Yep extractor with tank and I bought the other tank with strainers :cheers2:
Missus thinks i got a shiney fettish lol

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