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For Sale National Hive with 2008 Q and bees across 11 frames south Bucks

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Sorry didnt quite finish the above.
Newly assembled National Hive
roof, crownboard,2 supers,QX metal slotted,Brood box, OMF floor complete with fiesty colony of bees. Already filled 1 & 1/2 supers and had an artificial swarm pulled off of them. All frames and wax are either new this year or last year
Honey is not included in the sale.
LOL at feisty.. so is that the reason for selling them?

And what price?

Not so fiesty since the artificial swarm price, in fact quite reasonable unlike the 2nd hive who are fiesty and followers.
Price £300 ono.
These are not mine, but bees I have been looking after for a beekeeper who is giving up.
I realise that the price is a good £100 up on what most of us will pay but I inspected a hive a couple of days back that had 11 frames in a brood box with 3 supers and comb included.

If someone is new to beekeeping and has no bee's and lives within a short distance then they will pay the price.

Price paid for the hive I inspected: £300
Should sell easily at that price,some people are paying up to £420,with one super.
Hmm I see £ signs flashing.

Not that long ago... say 8 years or so National hives in Spring were selling at Roups for £25 - £35.

Times change so they do.

Aye,and you could go to the pictures,have a meal after,do your weeks shopping,buy a new suit,and still have chage out of a farthing.
Nope I am quoting real prices here.

Not a Monty Python sketch.

ive also seen them selling for £150 but without the supers and the supers and frams dont make up another £150
This is why hives are been stolen. A trailler full and you have £2 - 3 K for 30 mins work
If you think about it, to buy a new cedar hive, spare supers, frames, foundation, other bits of 'hardware' for about £200 and then a nuc (not a full swarm) at between £100-130 a pop.......£300 is quite reasonable really for what's being offered.

All in my own opinion of course!
Spoke to a Bee Farmer this morning and he has suffered just that, 8 Langstroths, a trailer load vanished.

If you think about it, to buy a new cedar hive, spare supers, frames, foundation, other bits of 'hardware' for about £200

You're not far off. My self assembled starter kit (having confirmed with Maisemore that there's wasn't a deal per se) came to £370 odd for:

National Hive (floor, roof, etc etc)
2x supers
Frames and foundation for each
Spacers for supers
2x hive tools
biggest smoker in all the world.
uncapping fork
and a few other bits and bobs

My bees which came with a national hive, spare brood box, 3 supers and a couple of bin bags of grotty frames: £50.

Shop around :D

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