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May 14, 2022
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Newark notts
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Should I try and feed my bees again for a top up.they’re active today thanks
as above, how much did you feed them in September? how heavy are they now
Try and take no heed of those that get their knockers in a knit because they see a few bees flying during a sunny day in November 😉 :)
I feed them syrup through September/October and slap on 2 kg of fondant in November....
You give no indication of hive weight, which is the most accurate measure. I should think that
amount of feed is more than enough. I only use fondant as an emergency feed, when I get my calculations wrong, and they start to get too light on the new year.

"Autumn is the best time to winter feed"

Feeding is a balancing act. With a bit of experience you will know when and how much to give

I weighed all my hives using digital luggage scales last week when it was sunny. Average hive weight 28kg. One low one 20kg so fed fondant.
Have to check mini nucs this week coming when dry and not windy,

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