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Sep 4, 2011
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If you have one, which one? And is it actually any good? I'm on the point of buying one, partially for use around the apiary, but also so we have something that's sufficiently light for my late-80s father-in-law and my wife and daughter to use comfortably.

James. I bought an einhell strimmer from Wickes on offer 2 weeks ago, really good round the garden, not going to call with brush and brambles that the Stihl petrol eats though. Bonus was it came with another 2.5ahr battery and charger that they retail at £35 free with it. I'll find the receipt and post which one it was, and edit this in case you find it quicker. Mark

Edit. https://www.wickes.co.uk/Einhell-Po...V-Cordless-24cm-Grass-Trimmer---Bare/p/199219
This one, they do bigger ones, but just wanted a really lightweight one for the garden edges, and it's fine, plus was only £54 with the £35 battery and charger chucked in too as as spare to add to the other einhell batteries 😁
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I'm going to guess it's this one though there are several on offer. Says they're out of stock online, but I guess I could brave the horrors of Taunton to see if they have any in the shop.


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