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I work at a large tree surgery firm as a mechanic/fitter
Over the last few years we’ve been buying rechargeable hedge cutters/chainsaws etc due to the shift in climate
We’ve had quite a few issues with the Sthil products, long handled hedge cutters were the worst offender, the units would just throw up a red light, the manuals say take them to a dealership for repair,
We did, and was told they were irreparable! And not comercial, not that they are used in anger unlike petrol units, So much for moving forward, and they weren’t cheap to buy.

We must have over half a dozen units that are only good for spares!

At least with a dirty little 2 stroke they keep on going!

As said, power tool manufacturers seem to be on top of their game regarding battery’s, I personally am a big lover of Dewalt, but the garden machinery is a bit behind imho.

We got the Stiga strimmer as the bosses brother owns a Stiga dealership.
Sounds like something "big Clive" from YouTube land might investigate and maybe suggest a solution.

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