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Jan 6, 2009
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Evening all,

Sounds like some of you have had a bumper year, and I have really enjoyed hosting bees again on site here on behalf of the charity, The Ecology Centre.

I have spent a lot of time talking to our site visitors about bees, their life cycle and all the jobs they do before becoming foragers. During this I have noticed a marked lack of knowledge in the general public and have just received some small funding for an educational sign.

This is a great opportunity to educate the public into bees, and what they and the beekeeper does. I have had the negative that we are taking all their honey, but when I explained that none of the bees would exist, or the thousands of plants pollinated would never have happened if we did not host them in our hives, it does temper these bad feelings.

Do any of you have examples of signage that I could possibly use, that you have felt beneficial in educating visitors.

Happy to make one great sign out of any recommendations.

Have a good evening, many thanks

I'd probably challenge the 'taking all their honey' narrative... We don't.

Point out that it's generally surplus stores we take and make a narrative about the story from 'flower to foodstuff' or some similar tagline. Pollination points are good and link in the bee lifecycle.

Also talk about how people misuse bees for greenwashing. Public really need educating on that. 'Save the bees.... From greenwashing'

Perhaps also point out why all the stuff sold with pictures of comb with bumblebees on is made by people with no idea trying to profit off the idea of people liking bees too... Then raise awareness about solitary pollinators and habitat creation too.
Thanks Wilco, will certainly link to the numerous other bee species on site, it is also surprising how little people know about pollinators and the majority still believe that it is only bees.