Does she sneak out the back door?

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Apr 13, 2010
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Having preformed my first A.S.and splits..I know I now need to sit back and wait......but....was wondering if anyone can give me any pointers on what to expect from a virgin's flight..does she leave with an entourage or is it a stealth mission to go out and meet the boys?
Really just want to know if there is anything to see from the outside, while I sit on my hands and try to be patient!
You will be very lucky to see the virgin queen leave or return.:cheers2:
I have seen many a virgin queen returning from a mating flight,no longer a virgin though.
And I have seen a virgin leaving on a mating flight... I was hanging out the washing and the hive hum tone changed... became more urgent and loud and lower... and when I looked., the queen was leaving with drones in pursuit!
I've seen a Queen leave her hive; though she wasn't a virgin. Queen of a swarm brought to my hive; we'd kept her in the hive for 5 days with a Queen excluder, and on the 5th day I removed the QE and sat back to watch. Blow me down if this gorgeous big black Queen doesn't fly out the front door and go round the hive, inspecting it from all angles! What a wonderful thing to watch :)
Never seen one leave but seen a few returning with a white trail in tow..
Thanks all...will keep an eye out, and pray for sunshine....