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Apr 25, 2011
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South East
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Day 5/6 the virgin were pushed out of the Apidea four times and she managed to sneak back in without taking flight. Following day was cold. The day after she was pushed out, took flight, once a small circle around the apidea and off she went in a southeasterly direction. She flew unaccompanied and without any fuss at the hive entrance. She came back after approx. 4 minutes and was refused entry. Then came back 6-8 minutes later. She made at least 4 flights of this duration. Only once did I see Nasonov fanning from one bee at the hive entrance when I thought she had been a bit longer. Saw her return from a flight the following day and she was definitely plumper. Following day very little activity. QX now on and fed before cold snap. They had nearly eaten all the fondant.
Don’t shut the queen excluder till you see eggs.
Don’t shut the queen excluder till you see eggs.

I am not about to open them up at the moment and they abscond at the drop of a hat from an apidea in my experience. She has had lovely mating weather and two days with plenty of drones in the area. Ye who have little faith!