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May 8, 2010
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I store my suppers in the corner of my workshop all ready and waiting with frames made up with foundation. It was a warm day Saturday (For a change) and had the workshop door open. I had bees coming in and out of the shed investigating the supers. They where also having a close look at a pot of old wax I'd cleaned off some frames that's waiting to go in the extractor. So my question is do Bees rob wax?

I've not noticed them "robbing" wax before but they'll certainly move wax around inside the hive.

I have seen them taking propolis off frames and boxes outside though.

I tend to make up frames in the garden and I do get a bit of interest from passing honey bees in the foundation so maybe they're just attracted by the smell?
:iagree: with above. Scout bees.
Might be scouts then again "normal" bees are attracted by the scent of foundation and or molten bees wax too.

I had exactly the same thing happen in my garage yesterday, but I thought it could have been because I dropped a frame of honey which fell under a garden bench next to the apiary and I forgot about it. I remembered it in the evening and put it away.

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