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Dec 14, 2008
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Has anyone used the correx nuc boxes?

I do not intent to use them for over wintering, but simpley for creating of nucs for selling.

or I am contemplating making my own nucs. I have some basic power tools like a drill, jig saw, skill saw and sliding compound miter saw, but do note have a table saw or router.

I was thinking about 12mm ply - can anyone give a rough cost price to make?


I have been having a look around and have come up with a couple of other options

1 Cool box nuc.(scrole down toward the bottom)

2 Polysterene nuc/hive (I know not new idea but at this price cheaper than correx for a tep nuc pre sale)

The compnay that makes them and is also selling them on ebay is just down the raod from me. So will pop round and check them out.
Jim regards the 33LTR poly boxes the local tropical fish shops get loads of them delivered every week with new fish stock in polythene bags inside and just dump the boxes.

I have a couple in the garage.
Thanks admin for the tip. A good excuse to have fish and chips this friday!
Two things Jim.

DIY is vastly easier with a table saw.

A high quality poly nuc is but ?20. Sell a nuc and buy 5.

I suppose that correx board is very expencive and difficult to work (join pieces, stuck holes)


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