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Nov 9, 2008
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As i am probably the saddest one on here when it comes to Christmas, (had the decorations up about a week now).

Just wanted to wish all my new friends, and those i have yet to meet, a very Happy Christmas, hope all your bees make it through, and lets hope 2009 brings good weather and good health for all of us.


Andy - Lizzie - Charlotte
Aaaahhhh! Don't panic me! I haven't even written a card yet.

Just said goodbye to my 5 guests from Kampala. (and the other 7 Cornish who stayed over for the weekend)
Check this out
Such a self help group of children who tour as a choir to raise money for next years funding of 8 schools (3000 orphaned children).
Also had their farmer/apiarist to stay. He was so distraught last Saturday - heard that a calving cow had died back home. His target of 1 cup of milk per child per week was reduced.
Well it sorted our Xmas present dilemma to each other (with him indoors) - good job I dont have to wrap it up:cheers2:

Have a lovely Christmas, healthy bees in the New Year and roll on Summer.

New Years resolution? I must be tidier with my bee equipment ( he trips over it sometimes:Chevy_anim:)
Maybe you could look at the above link and think of inviting them to your area to help those who have so little. We are so blessed with what we have, and we probably take it for granted:sifone:. Only need the contact - we will do the rest!!

So, Happy Christmas, be kind to all you meet, and thank you for all the help given this year. xx

You are very welcome to leave a Christmas message for members below.:cheers2:
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas/Cool Yule!
Hope your plans for 2009 are realised, and that your bees are healthy, happy and productive!

Id like to thank Admin for his time for running the forum too, its a nice place to be....


Remember we are ALL beekeepers and therefore on the same side!

Merry Christmas to all and may your next session bee better than the last.


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May I wish you all a very Happy and Blessed Christmas, and a peaceful, prosperous New Year.
Remember, prosperity come in many guises - not just money. Good health is worth a lot too. With you and your bees. :nature-smiley-016:

Cheers :cheers2:
Merry Christmas All

hap bee christmas one and all:xmas-smiley-013:

may the next year be a fruitful one

and the flows be free and plentiful

ho ho ho:cheers2:
Either two threads have joined or I am more senile than I suspected - (2 replies:blush5: )

Well, now for the 3rd - have a great one- and if you feel an argument coming on in the New Year - step back - all the worlds wars started with someone arguing. It aint worth it!!
Love grows- hate destroys
Kisses to all- sorry Mike- Such an unfaithful woman :reddevil:
Sorry for the confusion Heather,Sweetums asked me to join some posts from 2 weeks ago to the thread..
Wishing you the very best of Christmases for you all and your families - let's hope for a very good year to come!:nature-smiley-013:
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I like Christmas as much as the next person, but even for me it's about time to 'un-sticky' this thread :)
LOL I think you are right.

GTB did you purchase a hive and bees late last year from the Alton area ?
Nope. I got mine early in the year, a bit further up the road in Farnham.

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