Can we use rhubard juice as oxalic acid

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Nov 8, 2008
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Finland, Helsinki
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Rhubard has OA 0,3-1,5 g / kg.

Lets imagine that we take water away 2/3 and then we have concentration 1-5%.
Lets take again half of water away again and we have OA concetration 2-10%

Lets forget idea that nature knows best ....

My idea was not to wake up sleeping bear =:)=


Does that mean the same as let sleeping dogs lie?

I wouldn't want to boil oxalic acid solution without proper kit. Some of it would go into the air. I wouldn't fancy breathing it in, it would hit my teeth on the way down, skimming off the surface to steal the calcium and then go on the journey to end up as excruciating calcium oxalate kidney stones... lots of pain and bad teeth.
I didn't understand the sleeping bear. . . .

Perhaps. You have not had bears during last 1000 years?

We may waked up the bear in its winter nest. When it comes out, it may do what ever.

Bear's winter hive
I like the look of your bears. Where did the one in the water go?

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