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Have others noticed a particularly busy swarm time - members in my BKA are struggling to keep up with requests for swarm removal
There were few April swarms due to the poor weather and colony development in mine was slow due to the wet March and April.
It’s simple there’s been good weather and a decent flow bees will respond accordingly.
It’s really no more complicated than that.
But the media love to make it something more that it really is - click bait I suppose
I was underwhelmed by the person from Warwick in the article. Incorrect on several points and if they've got so many swarms that they're running out of kit then either buy more kit, combine a few or stop collecting swarms/let someone else have them.
Busy because many beekeepers don't keep an eye on their bees and don't take the appropriate swarm prevention measures hence a busy swarm season. Thanks to them for letting me increase my stock but you can do the correct swarm prevention now as I have enough colonies now thanks, Actually my wife says I have enough colonies but I have kit for one more! But then you can stop as I'll be out of kit for what will be the main flow, My grandchildren in North Yorhshire are waiting with excitement on a bait hive which has a lot of interest shown in it in the pasf few days. but no swarm so far.....
The bees in the photo with the article looked "different" to me. Anyone else think they might be Apis cerana rather than Apis mellifera?

Lol….well spotted!..About as factual as the rest of the article contents.
The bees in the photo with the article looked "different" to me. Anyone else think they might be Apis cerana rather than Apis mellifera?

Nice spot James, 😊
I have picked up plenty of swarms but my beekeeping seems to have got better as I’ve been very good at retaining my queens by nucing.
So not only do I have loads of swarms in nucs getting bigger every day but I have loads of preemptive splits bursting out of nucs as well.
Making floors, crown boards and roofs in any spare time!
Perhaps there are so many beginners without a proper grounding in the basics… ?
I’ll get my hat :leaving:
Yes, I've seen beginners proudly posting on social media that their hive "keeps swarming" and how hilarious they find it. Not sure their neighbours are quite so impressed, in an urban area 🤷‍♀️
I have only picked up 6 swarms this year. Only one was a good prime swarm. Two others are definitely caste swarms but have successfully mated the new queens. The others are poor quality queens and will need replacing. I get the feeling there are less swarms around judging by the number of fellow beeks who have asked me if I have any surplus.
I picked up one this morning that I am giving to some newbees but this is the first in over a week.
I see in the paper today that there are claims there are more around but I suspect this may be in certain locations and not totally widespread.
FWIW I have had 3 caste swarms this year, which is three more than last year and no prime swarms. The queens are mating though, so they can trundle along in their nuc boxes for a while.
Interestingly the swarm coordinator for one of our local teaching apiaries has had 28 calls so far this year. Last year he had 32 all season.

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