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Jun 26, 2021
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There have been a number of tv/radio bee/honey snippets this week.
Saturday night saw Bes the bee expert unfortunately fail his question on Michael McIntyres The Wheel.
Then this morning on Sky news a reference to a EU commission report on adulterated honey (46% found) but bizarrely 100% of UK honey exported to the EU.
This seemed to be put down to honey being imported to the UK, blended and then exported back?? Didn't know this was a thing.
And just now on GB news (yes I know--- someone else in the house flicking through the channels,---- please believe me!) Bermondsey Street bees extolling the virtues of the Docklands rewilding and honey produced there. I only twigged then that I had one of her books already - Planting for Honey Bees.

I don't know that it will change the buying habits of those that enjoy the cheaper end of the supermarket honey, and why should it I suppose if they like it, but it does give beg the question if it should be called "honey" I would have thought.

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