Bees bringing home the pollen

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Thats one active colony !!.
nice to see.
they are some very busy bees!! nice to see at this time of yr
Is there a reason to have the entry block that way up? Doesn't that stop them dragging the corpses out?

Not that they'd have much chance with the foragers returning :D
Other than the corpses have to be deep to cover the entrance!

Not sure which might be best!

Regards, RAB
blimey Veg, thats looking good :D

that vid certainly shows the benefit of a landing board, loads of them just seemed to be crashing down
Nice to see Veg - heads up though on your next inspection make sure that pollen clogged frames are not restricting the brood nest expansion. I had to re-arrange frames in 2 of my colonies for that reason
Regards Mike
Its on a double brood so I can split them when the time is right. The reason I put the entrance reducer in that way is so that over winter the entrance doesnt get blocked up with dead bees. They dont seem to struggle to clear them out when the weather is warm enough.

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