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Nov 8, 2008
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What reasons do various beekeeprs have for keeping bee's,i'm sure there are many, My reason is to produce honey and as much as possible,by getting the hives to the right place at the right time.
I want to produce high quality honey too and as much as I can sell. I also love the challenge of learning beekeeping... hope I won't get bored once I know what I am doing. I also secretly hope I might make some money... so that I could do less work. I know the last one is not very likely.
You will never get bored with keeping bee's then,as you or anyone else will never know everything.I hope you get lots of honey and can retire rich,when you get to 95.
I have loved nature all my life. I keep all kind of animals and try many kind of plants to see what they are. When I accustome to something, I try something else.

I have restless mind. To have bees 40 years is very frustrating. I am master in biological sciences in University and I do not see things like those "earth believers".

What keeps my interest on subject, I try to do my best to get the best yield. Average yield tells me how is it going. Where have I put my hives. What kind of queens I have.

I can manage bees. No problem. At least for my needs.

The biggest problem is to find good pastures and it is me who carry hives to those pastures. Good pastures give yield, not bees. Good hives are only harvesters, not the yield.

I love to benchmark. It means that I take ready tricks into use and I don't love to repeat mistakes or vain tricks what others have made.

Hah hah.
5 years ago I renewed my whole system and I got 80% better yields. Later I got to know that so did others. It were good years during 3 summers. :)

No two years have been rainy and I do not know what is my average yield. Last summer yield season last 10 days.

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I also have a restless mind,i allways love to learn more,i love to do things that are a challenge,and if some say you can not do this or that it makes me more determined,and i will not give up until i succeed in most things.I think this attitude is good to keep your brain active,some are happy to live in mundane world.
My starting was for 3 reasons:

1/ To teach me to be more patient and allow the bees to control me rather than the other way around.

2/ To learn to relax more! after spending 20 years at the very sharp end of medicine I am learning that if you do not relax and enjoy opening a hive you will be punished by lack of production and alot of bombing.

3/ to help my joints to loosen up a bit.

Strange reasons to be beekeeping but it sure is working for me and I love every bit of it,from inspections to frame making.
I hope you get lots of honey and can retire rich,when you get to 95.
So do I.

I try to become rich in 2 years. Then I bye stocks. Stocks have dropped just 60-80%. General Motors has dropped 90%. Nokia has dropped 60%.

After 2 years it is time to bye!

Down Jones 10 years
3 years down, 4 years up = 7 years like in old Egypt

I need only find hat are next gambling stocks and where the bubble is going to form next :)

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I did this with some bank shares,bought vey low,kept 4 years,sold very high,pleased i sold,now is time to buy more,but what in i ask myself. Still not rich. Queen bee shares.tesco.
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This is stock I purchased at 210 last week,they are well under valued and should return to pre crunch levels soon.



Its a uk private sector care company,trading today at 237
I started beekeeping just because it looked good.
I'm coming to take away your BBKA membership! :D
Go sit on the naughty step!
Bin them all imediately,they are being happy. zis is not allowed.
Due to lack of naughty steps or any other disciplinary tools, i will answer the original question.

Bees have always fascinated me, and to a large degree i was always a bit wary of them, along with wasps.
I saved for a couple of years and then blew it all on getting myself started, and to be honest yes i could have had a nice new gadget or something similar, but the effect Beekeeping has had on me has been more than worth it.

I think i have become obsessed, its just so therapeutic, and they are quite amazing little creatures.

The only downside is being 36 my work colleagues do dish out the stick, just because im not totally grey, with full beard and a pension, but the hobby needs new blood so i stick with it.
The only downside is being 36 my work colleagues do dish out the stick, just because im not totally grey, with full beard and a pension, but the hobby needs new blood so i stick with it.

You may correct your deficiency next summer. You will remain in history with instant look:

I bet your hair has different colour now Finman, I have beard but every two months,i cut it off,then it grows nice and new.The only time i had bee beard was when i collected a swarm from plum tree long time ago,that went down my back as well.

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