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How time flys

I was just looking and found this thread....We missed it!!

We all must have been deep in bee discussion or talking about the Beehaus:svengo:

What about an 'end of year' get together on the 6th Dec?

I'd be happy to have people meet at my house (nr Gloucester) for coffee/wine/beer/baked spud and chilli/sandwiches etc. I'd be happy to drive and do the same somewhere else if that was more local for more people.

December seems a good time for a get-together because there doesn't seem to be nearly as much beekeeping going on.

Is anyone up for it? Say 12.00 on the 6th Dec for 3 or 4 hours of food, drinks and lots of chit chat and gossip? Usual rules on propriety and slander 'on pause' for the afternoon ;-)

Anyone else willing to host an event on the same day and time so we could cover more of the forum population?

If there was a good turn-out, it might even be worth organising an on-line quiz between the regions: timed 'spot the queen on a frame in this photo', knowledge of bee biology, spotting healthy and sickly combs, making wax candles, who knows - I'm just a beginner :)

Well, I can do open house on that time and date. Am North of Brighton on the South coast - so anyone in the commuting area is very welcome.
Should we start up a new thread for this?

I'd like to have a 'Build a Warré hive' afternoon if the weather's good. I've got some nice thick wood and a new circular saw (!!!). Just need Hedgerow Pete to come down the motorway and show me how to do it :)

Do we have any takers for other areas of the UK or elsewhere?

Finman - if you have Skype video, you can join any or all of them! :)

Sounds like a brilliant idea! tools and things!! A+E on standby ? how far from your house????
Quote "what can possibly go wrong?"
We'll be there a trip to the folks in the am and a bee meeting in the pm. We'll be in touch.

GWW and Widders