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Nov 10, 2008
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More than 1, numbers seem to go up and down.
Now where am I going wrong?

The honey yield comes from pastures, not from the hive. Bees carry honey to the hivefrom flowers.

If some one promises a yield to someone, it is wrong.

The beekeeper makes the hive productive not the hive.

If swarm escapes, say good by to your yield.
I believe the above quote was not made by Omlet.

But on their site they quote

Omlet said:
You can collect an average of 50 jars of honey per year

But they then say

omlet said:
- although in a good year a colony may produce up to 100kg of honey! The amount depends on the size of the colony, the weather, the quantity and quality of the nectar near the bees. You need to leave your bees with between 10 and 15kg of supplies to see them through the winter.

I think you will find they state no guarantees for these amounts, and so it is not a binding contract.

It is called "marketing" and they are doing a very good job at it.
Actually James your not thinking try a shoe very portable that way

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