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May 5, 2009
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6 >12 - 14x12 + Nucs
ten days ago i put my new nuc on 5 standard frames in a 12x14 brood box with new 12 x 14 frames either side of the standards. I have been feeding 1:1 which they have been devouring at the same time as bringing in pollen.
Today i went with the intention of just topping up the feeder and leaving them be, but i had a sneeky peek inside and found they had not really drawn out the new frames and the old frames looked so stuffed full and heavy that i am concerned that they have filled the frames up so much that there is no space for the queen to lay eggs. should i put a super on and hope they draw those out and move the stores up.
How many frames are the bees covering ?
The queen will only layup enough frames that the bees can cover..
I would expect them to draw out more comb after the current brood cycle increases the bees numbers and move the stores to the outer new drawn comb allowing more room for the queen to lay.
IT is best to just give them say two of the 14x12 frames and dummy down or even block off the rest of the space to increase the heat and they will concentrate on the two extra frames better than thinking they have it all to do. When they have got going with the new frames you can increase with one new one at a time.
i would say the bee's are covering the five original frames completely then overflowing onto the new frames where they have only started to pulled out about 3sq inches on one side.
thats interesting I had something similar bees had plenty of foundation to pull yet the frames that came in the nuc had absolutely no spare room for laying. Consequently a month after getting the nuc I have had to artificially swarm the little b**gers as I found around 14 queen cells. I personally would make absolutely sure that I was checking them every week. I wish bees read books!
only read this (so second hand theoretical at best, source Hooper). Switch an un-drawn frame with the frame representing the outer edge of the brood nest to extend nest area and stimulate that 'inserted' frame being drawn since now within the brood area?

Have not tried it yet. 2 hived swarms this year so no doubt I will get to the stage you are at at some point.
yep i was on the look out for any queen cells but very little new wax under the frames as well ?
spray the frames with 1:1 sugar to tempt them on

i use 1litre warm water to 1 kg cane sugar , 0.5gm of magnesium vitamin C powder ( magnesium ascobate) and one drop of lemon grass oil, 5 of tee tree oil
How many frames of brood are there?, is there much emerging brood? once that starts to emerge, then the queen will have empty cells to fill with eggs, and the young bees will increase the hive workforce to speed up the drawing of the combs. At the moment there maybe mainly older bees more intent on gathering stores and the queen may only be laying up enough cells that bees staying at home can cover.
You will find that all of a sudden they seem to go from nothing to a ful broodbox very quickly.
Give me a shout if you want me to go through them with you if it would put your mind at rest. :)
I'd also leave the super off for the time being, gives them a smaller space that they need to heat to get drawing wax, and looking after brood. If you super them too early you may find they initially draw the comb above the brood nest rather than neighbouring brood frames.
Hi roy

i saw a few large Larva on monday maybe spread across two frames, today the majority of cells where caped so hopefully bees inside and not stores, i did not see any eggs but i was still apprehensive about moving bee's out of the way. i have decided to wait until next monday and see what's going on!
i also took the rapid feeder off and put a porter escape in the hole. after taking 12 pints in a week i hope they are ok for a bit
thanks for the offer roy of checking on the hive i will let you know what happens on monday
cheers sion :cheers2:
spray the frames with 1:1 sugar to tempt them on

i use 1litre warm water to 1 kg cane sugar , 0.5gm of magnesium vitamin C powder ( magnesium ascobate) and one drop of lemon grass oil, 5 of tee tree oil

What is the function of the mag vit c powder?

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