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hedgerow pete

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Jan 26, 2009
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does anyone have any home made treatments for bee stings,
can any one rember what was inside grandmas blue bag, does anyone else rember blue bags?
i have used a propolis and spirt in alcahol and it works for me but it is the itch afterwards that drives me up the wall, what do you lot use?
Reckitts Blue Bags contained synthetic ultramarine, to give that "bluey white" tinge to your whites, together with baking soda.

They were known as "Dollie Blue" in the USA, I believe.

You still occasionally see "dolly tubs" and "dolly pegs" at junk sales.

Plantain leaves work well,just rub one on the sting site.
I've always understood that baking soda is alkaline, and bee venom is acidic - the two counteract each other.

I assume the same of Plantain "juice", but I'll wait until someone more knowledgeable than I comes along, to confirm or deny this.

Don't want to hijack this thread Pete, but how did the Sunflower seeds turn out, that some cheeky person sowed, near your local canal?

I concur with the bluebag/alkali thing - couple more that may be worth a try - I picked up some "home brewed" "Mallow Balm sting relief" at a local "bee fair" - it's an alcoholic extract of Malva Moschata which works really well on me, and Aldi this week is flogging "After Bite" pens, containing strong ammonia (another strong alkali).
(if anyone wants some of the Mallow Balm stuff, I'll happily pass on the maker's details.......)