Some bees have much worse stings (venom)

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May 28, 2020
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Wantage, Oxfordshire
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Last year I took over two hives from someone who was convinced he’d become allergic. He was reacting badly to stings. Getting worse over time.
The bees in question remind me of several colonies I worked with in Africa. Extremely defensive. If they can get to you they will. Always a bunch of followers.

Anyway, I was stung a few times before I managed to re-queen. The worse stings that I can remember. Immediate extreme pain, followed by a deep sort of muscular ache/pain combined with a bad itch. The ache stayed around for about three days, giving way slowly to more itchiness. The itchiness lasted about a week.

The poor guy - I don’t think he was becoming allergic.

Interesting that both of his colonies are very similar (maybe the queens are same genetics)
Anyway, In about 30 days we should have a much less defensive bunch - can’t wait!

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