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Jul 5, 2010
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The Institute of Northern Ireland Beekeepers hosts its 2017 Annual Conference and honey show on Saturday 21st October. The INIB return to the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre in the Oxford Island National Nature Reserve for the conference. Bookings are now being taken.

Once again, the INIB brings international Guest Speakers to the Beekeepers of Northern Ireland and to friends and visitors from the wider UK and island of Ireland:
  • Professor Mark Winston, author of "Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive" and "The Biology of the Honeybee"
  • Professor Jurgen Tautz: author of "the Buzz about Bees: Biology of a Superorganism"

As a partner to the All Ireland Pollinator Plan and recognising the role honeybees and beekeepers have to play in the wider environment and the interest that beekeepers have in the world around them, the INIB has invited Dr Úna FitzPatrick, project Coordinator for the All Ireland Pollinator Plan and Catherine Bertrand, Head of Conservation for the Butterfly Conservation Trust in Northern Ireland, to address the conference.

Anyone thinking about making a trip to the conference and enjoying the local sights may be interested in looking at local accomodation options: