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Jul 5, 2010
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Northern Ireland
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The Institute of Northern Ireland Beekeepers - 14th Annual Conference & Annual Honey Show - 22nd October 2016
Established in 2001 the INIB was established to advance the service of apiculture and to foster an atmosphere of mutual support among beekeepers, to encourage the sharing of information and provision of helpful assistance.

On Saturday 22nd October 2016, the INIB will host its 14th Annual Conference and Annual Honey Show. This will take place at the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre in County Armagh. (http://www.discovernorthernireland....-and-Conference-Centre-Lurgan-Craigavon-P2838) The Discovery Centre enjoys the scenic backdrop of Lough Neagh and is a short distance from Junction 10 of the M1 and the nearby town of Lurgan which is serviced by rail and bus links.

The INIB works diligently to bring international speakers to Ireland, having hosted both Tom Seeley and Jamie Ellis at their 2011 conference; more recently the INIB enjoyed talks by Keith Delaplane, Dewey Caron, Jennifer Berry, Deborah Delaney, Dave Tarpy, Ged Marshall and Michael Palmer. In 2016 the INIB has Susan Cobey, Gregor Fariss, Harry Owens and Timothy Lawrence speaking at the conference.

Susan Cobey is known to many readers of The Four Seasons as an acknowledged authority in bee breeding and in particular, instrumental insemination. She is also known through her extensive work with the Department of Entomology at Washington State University and, previously, at the University of California at Davis and Ohio State University. The INIB is delighted that she will bring her knowledge and enthusiasm to their 2016 conference where she will speak on bee breeding and queen rearing.

Harry Owens has been the Bee Inspector and Adviser to the Isle of Man Government for over 20 years. He is currently the President of the Isle of Man Beekeepers. The efforts of Harry and other beekeepers secured a ban on the importation of bees into the Isle of Man through the Importation of Bees Order (Isle of Man) 1988, followed by the Bees Act (Isle of Man) 1989 and more recently, the Bee Disease and Pest Control Order (Isle of Man) 2008. The 2008 Order has led to the EU declaring the Isle of Man a Varroa free zone in February 2015, allowing bee health protection measures to continue in the form of a ban on the importation of bees. Harry has been directly involved in this work and will share his experiences of policing varroa and managing the import ban with conference delegates.

Greg Fariss is Apiary Inspector for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and is an Eastern Apicultural Certified Master Beekeeper. He has responsibility for inspecting between 1000 and 1500 colonies annually and speaks widely across Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia. Greg is experienced in running workshops and training new and intermediate beekeepers. He is making his first visit to Ireland and will speak about honey bee navigation and seasonal management.

Timothy Lawrence is a Research Extension Associate involved with Washington State University’s Honey Bee Health Programme. He backs up a doctorate in Environmental Sciences with more than 20 years commercial beekeeping experience and has a focused interest in the improvement of honey bee health, stock improvement and mite control. He co-owns “Honey Bee Insemination Service” with his spouse, Susan Cobey. Timothy will speak about Neonicotinoids.

The INIB cordially extends an invitation to attend and to participate in the INIB’s Annual Honey Show.
Further information about the conference can be found on the INIB website: or by E mailing: [email protected]
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Will try to get a copy of the honey show schedule and post it here for those who are interested. I understand there was in the region of 200 idividuasl entries to the honey show in 2015 so a good level of competition.

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