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Dec 1, 2008
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Lanarkshire, Scotland
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I've just joined your group, and like Blairshill I live in Scotland, about half way between Glasgow & Edinburgh.

I have a smallholding with a small flock of Hebridean & Soay sheep, and last January bought a couple of National hives. In the Spring I fenced off about 1/4 acre of meadow (part of a 10 acre field) & planted "bee friendly" flowers & bushes. I also attended a one day course in beekeeping at the local agricultural college but probably due to the very wet Summer, I couldn't find anyone locally selling bees. Everyone I spoke to was more concerned with their own colony survival, which is understandable.

I normally see a lot of bees in the garden (I live in the countryside, with a native wood beyond my fields) but last Summer there were very few, which makes me suspect that a local feral colony has collapsed.

I'll now wait until Spring 2009, and try to obtain a nucleus to get started. Most of the ones I see advertised are in the middle or South of England, which is quite a long journey from me - are there any Scottish suppliers?

Thanks for your help, I've liked what I've seen so far in the Beekeeping Forum.


Welcome John. If you have any questions there are many members on this forum who will gladly help you out.

Hey John,

about half way between Glasgow & Edinburgh.

Now where would that bee?
Anywhere near Falkirk?

<<Now where would that bee?
Anywhere near Falkirk?>>

A few miles South of Falkirk.

email me offline & I'll gladly exchange addresses - I'd like to meet up with fellow enthusiasts.

Hi John,

Sorry to disappoint you John but I live in Cambridgeshire way down south.
The reason I asked is My better half originates from Falkirk.

Sorry if I gave the wrong impression of locations.

Enjoy your beekeeping when it happens.

Hi John Welcome to the forum. I am enjoying learning more about bees through it. I am also a smallholder and am based in Stirlingshire. I would certainly be up to get together to see if there is anything we can help each other out with
Thanks Blairshill,

I'd like to meet up with like-minded people.



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