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creeping thistle will out perform all others.
I had a lot of this on the allotment for about three years; liked it but it got out of hand and the Committee growled; got rid by repeated mowing; pops up occasionally but now not a problem, though succeeded by nettles.
There is an old gravel pit up the road from me has alot of wild flowers, is there anything else I could seed there to be beneficial for my bees ?
Google Grazon. It can be applied selectively in a knapsack.

Horrid stuff!
"If animals have grazed on treated pasture, they should graze on untreated areas for at least one week before being moved to areas with broadleaf crops, as their urine can kill sensitive plants. Manure from animals that have grazed on Grazon-treated areas is not suitable for compost."
We are doing a patch in our garden this year should I sow yellow rattle now and wildflower seeds in the spring or with the yellow rattle?
Yellow rattle should be sown in the autumn (probably before the end of November, but now is ideal), as it needs to be exposed to frost ('vernalisation') to germinate. As I'm sure you know, it is an annual, so to set seed for the following year should only be mown after flowering. Some other species also need vernalisation, but most can be sown either now, with the yellow rattle, or in the spring. Having bare or slightly disturbed earth helps germination rates, whenever sown. Good luck!
Himalayan balsam
Some one did this near me, it's spread up the valley and growing where the brambles, and willow herb does, Pretty much In alot of dingles and ditches.
Even from 3 miles away where the idiot put it 5 years ago its now down by the tractor shed at the end of the garden.
I would prefer ground elder I've seen the girls, wasps, lots of beetles foraging.
Hb I only see bumbles and later mid Sept some 'girlys '.
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Thanks for the replies everyone. I agree that ground elder in flower can be a very pretty plant and I do allow it to grow, with some nettles, along the sides of the garden, but I really want to plant wildflowers in the area I mentioned as it is very open and sunny and near my wildlife pond. I am resigned to the fact that I will have to dig it out by hand, as I will not use weed killer! I have already dug a lot of it out in my flower beds and vegetable garden, which is an ongoing battle.
Some one did this near me, it's spread up the valley and growing where the brambles, and willow herb does, .

I won't deny that spreading it deliberately may be a bit irresponsible, but from the bees' point of view it has kept them going up here for the last two months at least.

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