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    Winter bees

    Like most beekeeping, it's not determined by the calendar ... Winter bee rearing is a direct consequence of increased forager pheromone (less foraging, so more pheromone in the hive) and decreased brood pheromone (less forage coming in, so less brood rearing). Taken from this paper by...
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    The end of Varroa

    Presumably it's too far for them to walk ... try putting it in the apiary.
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    icing sugar

    Api-Bioxal or icing sugar? Whichever, it's terrible advice. Beginners should be taught how you can guarantee to keep your bees healthy and successfully overwinter them (hint - monitor and treat ... using an approved miticide and follow the instructions). Let them get their confidence this...
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    Chocolate raisins ... no mess
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    Making up Dipal DF

    I use it at 1% ... I don't think there are formal recommendations (and there certainly aren't on the paperwork that it comes with). For clarity ... 1g in 100ml. It's DiPel
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    Refractometer readings

    Last year - long, dry summer - lots at or around 14.5% This year - average year - everything extracted and tested yesterday was around 17.5% Same apiary etc. The other thing that was notable was that there was a higher proportion of uncapped honey this year. All passed the shake test and will...
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    Gas vap worth it ?

    I think 'epidemic' is a bit strong. About 230 cases globally, with about 180 in the UK if I remember correctly, over ~25 years. Epidemic implies widespread in a community and within a reasonably narrow timeframe. The interesting thing about vCJD is the relatively recent case in a Met/Val...
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    Gas vap worth it ?

    Prions are not "man made" ... and (from wikipedia) Oxalic acid is mainly manufactured by the oxidation of carbohydrates or glucose using nitric acid or air in the presence of vanadium pentoxide. Not cows There are lots of things derived from bovine sources, but OA isn't one of them. I'd be...
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    Keiler plastic frames

    As Madge suggests, just use tongue depressors/lolly sticks ... and fit them in permanently with wood glue. Those plastic frames are interesting, I'd not seen them before.
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    Selling Beehive air

    I'd make the hose about 1" in diameter ... that should be interesting!
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    Another member sent to jail! Really?

    I've always liked your Einstein .sig quote Millet and was prompted to do a web search ... guess what, there are fish that climb trees. Mangrove killifish, Climbing perch/gourami (guess the name is a clue there), the Climbing catfish and this delightful finny invasive ... snakehead fish...
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    To control swarming or not

    Why keep bees? Spend the money on hedgerows and wildflower meadows instead ... this will benefit all pollinators, not just honey bees. If you don't control swarming you are simply adding to the problem ... The swarmed hive product less honey The swarm either gets established somewhere it...
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    Bad places to get stung

    Check out the Schmidt Sting Pain Index and the 2014 paper by Michael Smith and marvel at the dedication of scientists.
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    Adjustable hive stand

    Nice. I've been looking for a good source of scaffolding jacks having seen a similar design a year or so ago. For cross braces you can do this instead ... so only needing one strap for each couple of nucs.
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    Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus.

    That's not what any of the prevalence studies have demonstrated. 28% 5% 0.7% However, the last study demonstrated CBPV...