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Nov 8, 2008
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Finland, Helsinki
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Are those Northern Lights taken recently.
I an going to cruise from Tromso up to the Russian border in search of them this Feb. - if I dont find them - I shall have to visit you and stay till I see them :):)
Beautiful pictures. Snow covers so many scars made by man
just be glad finman posted the photos, could you imagine the ones i would have taken from birmingham, ha ha ha, Heather you cant imagine how fantastic the northern lights are, having seen them several times i hope that they come out for you, if you internet it , the general gist is what ever radiation flares the sun produces 6 weeks ago produce the lights today, as for going from tromso, welcome to the artic circle,

The wife and i are so jealous of you
Pete, I know how fortunate I am - it is the last box that is in my wish list and not ticked. have done the rest :cheers2: (except learning to motorcycle and that is possible this next summer!)

What is in everyone else's wish list box - yet to be ticked??
The thing I would most like to do before I die is live a long time, that way I'll be able to do some of the wonderfull things that You lucky buggers have done as well !.
the wife has a bucket list on the go, i have still to pay for , as for me , I know its sounds concieted and arrogent but by the time i hit 35 i had completed my bucket list and a few more on top, I was brought up to see something to focus and to do it, nothing has ever stopped me doing what i have wanted to do.

there are a few surprises inline tho for others , august my son turns 16 and as his present he and his dad are going parachutting for the day, yep i get to throw my son out of an aeroplane,?????

and the wife wants to do a hot air baloon trip, but with out the parachutting bit!

and for the last , how about paris for the wedding anniversary
Pete- push the boundary a bit more- sky dive before opening the parachute - it is amazing- :cheers2:
I have only done a dozen plane jumps but quite a few more base jumps, no of which in the uk of course ha ha ha ha ha , as for tromso i went there on my own , ferry from newcastle and from bergan i went up in a train and car, i was trying to get to the russian and finland boarders, the great plan was to walk from norway to russia and finland, bit of a cock up realy cause i went there in april thinking the snow would have gone, ha ha ha
Nice Pictures of the aurora Finman, these would make much better wallpaper for the desk top than the stuff on offer from windows