What's flowering as forage in your area

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Just as well I put 3 drawn supers on the Thursley bees; aim to extract before the bell heather flowers; hope they don't overlap.

Without seeing it, I reckon the heather should produce this year, given the warmth and moisture this month.
Yes, it's still early though. I'm also hopeful for lime.
Yes, it's still early though. I'm also hopeful for lime.
Same for me, all this rain in may is hopefully going to help the ling heather to.
I’ve got a few double nucs that still have heather stores from last season which they’ve been adding spring stores to.
Quite a number of frames yesterday had a scattering of purple pollen. Really deep purple, more so than shows in the photo. It's not a colour I've seen in pollen charts or in Margaret Adams book but I found an article claiming that it comes from Phacelia. Thoughts / comments?

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I sow phacelia every year creates really pretty purple pollen
This plant is covered in bumble bees! I have seen quite a few today here in Brittany.... does anyone know what it is?
I tried to grow them here against a sunny wall after seeing them in Dale, Pembrokeshire. The bees were all over them.

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