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Dec 1, 2008
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hi i have a wedge 350i that is 21 years old sports car of which i have owned for 8 years and have spent many a evening and weekend replacing worn parts and when i have some spare money upgrading them.It has been designed round a tube chassis with a fibre glass bolt on body. the engine is a rover v8 3.5l vettesse and the fueling is done by Lucas efi. it will all way's be a on going labour of love.
i think they stop making this model around 1992/3 and the new models are financially out of my league but to be honest if i had the money i would spend it on the wedge:)

a couple of pic off my car

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Regards Tony
I bought a Nissan 200sx (old shape) from a scrapyard, it had a bad front end shunt, I didn't do any of the work myself (sorry) but had the front end rebuilt and then proceeded to do 250,000 miles in it before I gave it to my son for his 21st, he ran it for another 2 years until the acidity from me driving up and down farm drives to work got the better of the chassis. It was a lovely car. I might look out some photos.

Have a Sealine 34' boat that we took up the Thames recently. Great trip till I cracked a couple of ribs in a wild sea off Portland Bill.:ack2:

Used to fly a Cessna aerobat, still miss the fun - got lost a couple of times - but thats another story:svengo:

Bee keeping is safer!:)

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