What do you guys do with your supers in the winter

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May 24, 2009
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9 Medium Poly, mostly foundation-less. Some run as Warre TBH
As above.

Do you store them wet or dry ?

what procedures do you apply to prevent wax moth.

What if you have a lot of supers ? I was going to do the Certan nematode thing this year but next year I cant see it being viable if you have loads of supers.

What do the big boys/girls do :)
If you do use Certan then use an extremely very fine spray, don't apply too much and make sure the combs are completely dry before you place them in storage for winter. Treating them on a 30 deg C summer day, followed by a long airing on a hive stand with a travelling screen at the bottom and top of the stack will probably guarantee success, doing them with an overcast sky and autumn looming is no bloody good as you probably won't have any wax moth.... but a couple of months later you will have combs completely covered in furry green mould (been there, done that, got the t-shirt)
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Regular sulphur candle or ethanoic acid should keep the moth at bay. Will dissolve nails not coated, though, eventually.

Keep them in a freezer, or at least rotate them.


bin bag sealed, freezer treatment Store in a pile, usually.

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Would the sulphur candle work with wet supers ?
I put mine wet in a 40' container and treat with phostoxin tablets.
I have the container well away from habitation. The phostoxin gas can through a wall no problem. The only problem with having it away from houses is that like last year when some person with a JCB decided they would smash the doors in to see what was inside - when they saw it wasn't full of diamonds and gold they left - closing the doors behind them. A friend of mine had the same problem and they left the doors open - you can imagine what happens when 1,600 wet supers are exposed................
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Hmmm, ...... Sounds like you need some of H Pete's home-made computer security camera/alarms as well as a missile-proof shed !

We'll have to get him to do a video for you ;)
I now leave several empty phostoxin canisters around the container and have put a sign up informing anyone that enters the container that they will be exposed to toxic gas and there is a danger of death............
Seems to work!
Yes it is a good deterrent as the warnings are in both English and Greek! When we treat with it we don't go near the place for 72 hours. It is used widely to treat foodstuffs like dried nuts and pulses. It is made in Germany by the way.
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